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We Support Our Firefighters!

Firefighters and First Responders hold the line against the dangers and disasters that threaten the lives of families in our communities. The fearless men and women who decide to serve the force know all-too-well about the risks of the profession but they have decided to venture forward despite those risks. For this reason, our agency is extending our community cause initiative to honor and empower our emergency medical technicians and firefighters by supporting the work of our local Fire Department.

Many heroes have been injured and others have even lost their lives in duty, leaving behind family and loved ones. Our goal is to provide supportive services to make sure they have the necessary resources to perform, provide a boost to their morale and self-esteem. We want to make sure those who put themselves in harm’s way to save others have everything they need to perform their role to the best of their capacity.

“We plan to support them by mobilizing our customers and directing assistance to improve resources for our firefighters and EMT. By doing so, we hope to raise awareness and encourage camaraderie between the department and the community they are sworn to protect.”