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The Pat Olson Team | Guild Mortgage Company

Mortgages aren’t just about financing, they are opportunities. They let you live in your own home, pay for college, build your investment portfolio or do upgrades. They blend generations or help your parents, students and disabled children into homes and so much more. 

Each client brings their story, their needs, their set of circumstances and we work that into a housing solution.

Many times, clients do not have funds for a 20% down payment. There are many loan options for as little as 3% down and some with 0% down. Mortgage Insurance will then be required but that can become an opportunity rather than a disadvantage. We demonstrate to clients how mortgage insurance varies per loan type and look for the mortgage that best suits them.

No matter what your circumstances, it is always good to chat with my team so we can put a plan into place. We establish what you are able to do now and how to plan for the future.

Veterans have more than one loan choice with us as we work with the Oregon Department of Veteran Affairs as well as Federal VA Home loan program.

Being a loan officer for nearly 20 years has allowed me to meet and work with many wonderful buyers and business partners. I have built a very professional team that is dedicated to helping make this process as smooth as possible. When we work for you we strive to make you feel like you were always our top priority and that we treated you like friends or family.

We look forward to working with you!!!

51669 Columbia River Hwy, Suite 100

Scappoose, OR 97056

Phone: (503) 543-9797